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One team.
Shared focus.

We all go above and beyond to help every resident. And Caring Homes goes above and beyond to help us develop personally and professionally.

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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision, Mission & Values help everyone at Caring Homes to stay focused on where we are going, stay true to our principles of kindness and compassion and act and behave in a way that is good for every resident and their families and good for every colleague and their development. Discover more about how we all go above and beyond to get things done in a uniquely Caring Homes way.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is ‘Outstanding Homes. Extraordinary People’. These four words set the standard for everything we do. It’s what we have always aimed for since we first began in 1994. And we never settle in our pursuit of creating the very best Homes and delivering the very best care.

Our Mission

Our Mission – our everyday focus – is to be at the heart of every community where everyone is passionate about care quality and service, enhancing lives every day. Our 69 Homes (and counting) are more than just a Caring Home. They are a local employer, a destination for local products and services and a local place of vibrancy and enjoyment. Where residents and their families get the very best care. And the community is better for it.

Our Values

Our Values determine how we act and behave. They are the guiding principles that keep our residents happy and our colleagues performing at their very best. If these Values match yours, you could be a perfect fit here:

Our Values

  • I’ve gained a new career with an amazing team and developed new skills and confidence in my 50’s that I never thought I’d have

    Senior Carer
    CHG1728 BRAND SHOOT 2019 27 Web Res
  • I’m just so grateful to be working for Caring Homes, I felt like professionally I just fit in more.

    Unit Manager
    Judi crop
  • I’m only 33 so I didn’t think Caring Homes would consider me when I applied, but they put so much faith in me

    Home Manager
    Kirsty Allen crop