Care for the nation’s families

We’re all family at heart. Caring for one another, supporting, sharing and looking after the ones we love. And for over 25 years, we have looked after so many different resident needs by putting the essence of family at the heart of everything we do. From dementia care and short stay respite breaks to registered nursing care and residential care, our dedicated teams help every resident live life to the full.

But they, and their families, need your help now. The rising threat of COVID-19 for vulnerable people is well known. And we are responding by preparing our workforce, our residents and their families for every situation.

If you are looking to volunteer your time to help in social care, we’d love to hear from you. Particularly if you used to work in adult social care, if you are retired from this sector, or if you are from an industry that has been put on hold – catering, hospitality or air travel for example. Don’t worry if you’ve never worked in care before though as we’ll train and support everyone who joins us.

The world hasn’t experienced anything like this for three quarters of a century. Some of our residents remember what it was like to struggle, to feel that level of fear and to lose loved ones. But they also remember what it was like to pull together as a community, to help others and to do their bit. You can do the same.

Please apply today to see how you can care for the nation’s families.

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