Consensus has at its heart, a clear purpose and goal, a concise expectation of how we will achieve the highest standards and a set of values that define the way we work and inspire success.

Our Purpose

Supporting opportunity, choice and success.

Our purpose sets out what we stand for and what, by working together, we aim to achieve for the individuals we support and our colleagues.

Our Goal

For people to see us as the best provider of personalised support for individuals with complex needs in the UK.

This is a clear goal we should all aim for. There are 2 important elements to this – being the best provider of personalised support and a focus on individuals with complex needs.

Our Approach

If we are to successfully achieve our purpose and deliver our goal, together we must:

  • listen and respond to the individuals we support
  • support, develop and motivate colleagues of the highest quality and potential
  • set clear expectations about outcomes that can be achieved
  • work in partnership to provide flexible and responsive solutions
  • make the best use of all of the resources we have available
  • continually improve our performance by measuring our success against the highest standards
  • grow and develop our organisation to achieve greater success

Our Values

Consensus has a set of values that underpin and define how we work, inspire us to succeed and support achievement of the highest standards:

    • Choice and Respect – we believe everybody can express choices about their lives and we will do all that we can to make these real
    • Ambition and Imagination – we believe everyone can do amazing things and we will work creatively to support this
    • Reliability and Professionalism – we always aim to do our best and work to exceed expectations
    • Honesty and Integrity – we are always open and transparent in what we do and always try to do our best
    • Responsibility and Accountability – it is important to us that everyone understands the special and unique role they have to play in our organisation and that they are clear about what is expected
    • Inclusive and Supportive – we want everybody to feel part of the team and will look for opportunities for individuals to grow

Consensus Values